It’s Not Your Grandparents Business Travel Anymore |

Airline passengers are experiencing traveler fatigue as a result of the consistent and constant tug on security each and every time they go to the airport for a business trip. In America we knew we needed to improve airport security, even before 911 occurred.

The days of deciding to take a business and or leisure trip to a destination of our choosing is more involved than any period in the history of our country. Whether its having the proper identification, liquids in our carry on luggage or our name is on a watch list, due to no fault of our own, flying is not what it use to be.

My last long trip to Australia in 2001 was a piece of cake. I made airline reservations, hotel accommodations and purchased tickets for the Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia. The only thing I had to concern myself with was ensuring I had a valid visa for travel to the land down under. During the two week period of time I spent in Australia, everything went according to plan, leading up to my return to the United States on the evening of September 10, 2001.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, business and leisure travel as we knew it changed forever. When the hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center travel and the resulting safety precautions changed overnight. Today if you plan to take a business or leisure trip to a specific destination you will likely encounter a long line at the boarding concourse, delayed flights, emergency evacuation, departure delays and a full body scan and or physical body search.

Grandmother and grandfather would likely drive to their next destination to avoid the airport today. The airline industry is under tremendous pressure to remain competitive in this economy, giving the fact the price of gas is at an all time high in the United States.

Congress is enacting legislation to ensure passenger rights, meaning airlines that delay flights will make concerted efforts to return to the gate, rather than sit on the flight line for hours without water, food and sanitary rest rooms. Make no mistake about it, take a business and or leisure trip today and you will have a unique and interesting experience as a airline passenger.

The best way to travel today is to plan your trip as far in advance as you possibly can, get the best rate possible. Ensure you speak with the airline carrier about what you can and cannot take on the flight, get a good nights rest and arrive at the airport early to prepare for departure.

In other words, be patient and resolve yourself to accept the reality, travel by air is not what it use to be, but you can still enjoy yourself. Here is to a successful flight during your next business and or leisure flight.

Business Travel Tips For The Avid Business Traveler |

Companies everywhere are finding they need to travel more if they want to meet new customers and to capture new sources of business; the Internet has ensured that even tiny companies can have a customer base that is truly global! However, anyone who has spent a great deal of their time traveling for their business will tell you just how tiring it can be. There are some things you can do to reduce the amount of stress and fatigue that occurs and some interesting business travel tips and information that is supplied in this article.

Sometimes for instance, baggage goes missing; that is an unfortunate fact of travel and whilst it is distressing enough on a family holiday, on a business trip it can be disastrous. An easy remedy to this is to pack as much as possible that you absolutely must have for you meeting, in your hand luggage.

This means that even if your main luggage is lost your trip does not have to be wasted; your meeting can still take place despite any inconvenience that has been caused. As far as your main luggage is concerned, make sure you only pack just enough for the trip and this is probably the most useful business travel tip to bear in mind.

If you only take enough business clothes for the trip and then all that is left is some casual wear for the evenings, just two pairs of shoes, one casual, and one pair should be enough. All that is left once this is done is to include your toiletries and other business documentation that may be of use.

A way to save space and possibly take a smaller bag plus reduce any creases is to roll clothing up which takes up less room and a business travel tip well worth noting. To go one step further, if you want to ensure that even if food or drink are spilled on your clothes you won’t need them laundered; use dark colors which are also handy because creases don’t show as much.

If you are delayed for any reason then knowing you can freshen up prior to the meeting without the need for a shower can be a lifesaver, this is where those travel wipes come in very useful. If you only intend to be away for a couple of days, a normal charge for a cell phone and other electronic equipment may be enough but if the trip is longer you may need to take chargers with you.

Many business travelers now use the traveling time to do as much work as possible which then allows them some personal time to themselves after work which in turn reduces stress. Just plan ahead for your business travel using this guide and you will be in a position where whatever happens it will not affect your trip and once you have done this often enough it will all become second nature to you.

Business travel does not have to be all work and by using the business travel tips shown here, there should be time for rest and relaxation too.